AAUP Board of Directors


Barbara Kline Pope, President
Director, National Academies Press

Meredith Babb, President Elect
Director, University Press of Florida

Philip Cercone, Past President
Director, McGill-Queen's University Press

Mike Bieker, Treasurer
Director, University of Arkansas Press

Susan Doerr, Treasurer Elect
Operations Manager, University of Minnesota Press

Jane Bunker
Director, Northwestern University Press

Brian Halley
Senior Editor, University of Massachusetts Press

Garrett Kiely
Director, University of Chicago Press

Sheila Leary
Director, University of Wisconsin Press

Leila Salisbury
Director, University Press of Mississippi

Mark Saunders
Director, University of Virginia Press

Mark Simpson-Vos
Editorial Director, University of North Carolina Press

Erik Smist
Director of Finance and Administration, Johns Hopkins University Press

Peter Berkery, ex officio
Executive Director, AAUP