Committees & Task Forces

The work of AAUP Committees and Task Forces, staffed by volunteer members, is essential to the Association. Click on a committee title below to learn more about the charges, roster, and projects of each.

Admissions & Standards Committee
John Byram, New Mexico, Chair

Annual Meeting Program Committee
Alisa Plant, Louisiana State, Chair

Book, Jacket, and Journal Show Committee
Nathan Putens, Nebraska, Chair

Business Systems Committee
John Rollins, Yale, Chair

Copyright Committee
Laura Leichum, Georgetown, Chair

Design & Production Committee
Carol Stein, ASCSA, Chair

Digital Publishing Committee
Toni Gunnison, Wisconsin, Chair

Library Relations Committee
Donna Dixon, SUNY, Chair

AAUP-ARL Working Group

Marketing Committee
Laura Baich, Indiana, Chair

Nominating Committee
MaryKatherine Callaway, Louisiana State, Chair

Professional Development Committee
Amanda Atkins, MIT, Chair

Scholarly Journals Committee
Anne Marie Corrigan, Toronto, and Lauren Crocker, Wayne State, Co-Chairs

Task Force on University Relations
Garrett Kiely, Chicago, Chair

University Press Week Task Force
Will Underwood, Kent State, Chair

Past Committees & Task Forces