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Join us June 16-18, 2016, at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel.

Program Mission: Energize & Innovate

Attending AAUP’s annual conference is a chance to step away, if only briefly, from the day‐to‐day demands of scholarly publishing. This year’s program committee wanted to emphasize the meeting as an opportunity to be energized by learning new ideas and conferring with colleagues and then to innovate when we return to our home institutions. In the contemporary publishing world, innovation is a core value because of the need to work efficiently and to serve customers and partners effectively.

More than ever, university presses are embracing experimentation and exploring new technologies, approaches, and formats to communicate scholarship to the world.

With this in mind, the program committee has worked to create opportunities where members of the AAUP community can explore new ideas, learn best practices, and collaborate.

To support this goal, this year’s conference will have the following features:

  • More sessions with interactive formats
  • A series of “Collaboration Labs” for brainstorming and experimentation
  • More involvement in the program from smaller university presses
  • “Down time” periods for ad hoc groupings and meetings
  • A “Solutions Showcase” where vendor‐publisher partnerships are presented and explored
  • A plenary with a speaker who is a pioneer in the field of collaborative innovation

We hope that you will benefit from the program and that it will help you to be energized and to innovate.

AAUP 2016 Program Committee

Rob Dilworth, Duke University Press, Chair
Neil Blair Christensen, University of California Press
Brady Dyer, University of Texas Press
Amanda Lanne-Camilli, SUNY Press
Dariel Mayer, Vanderbilt University Press
Mary Rose Muccie, Temple University Press
Darrin Pratt, University Press of Colorado
Jill Rodgers, Journals, MIT Press

2016 Solutions Showcase

The Solutions Showcase offers companies the chance to speak directly to AAUP annual meeting attendees in a fun lightning-round format with games and prizes. There are no competing sessions and we’ll serve beer, soft drinks, and snacks—learn more here.

AAUP 2015

If you missed a session or you want a refresher, check out a collection of presentation slides from Denver on AAUP's Slideshare. Additionally, select sessions were filmed and can be viewed on AAUP's Vimeo account

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