Regional and Managers Meetings

AAUP Managers Meetings

Colleagues who work in the same professional areas (financial officers, production managers, journals managers, etc.) often meet to learn more about topics specific to their fields. Managers meetings are generally organized and hosted by staff at member presses, although occasionally organizers decide to host a managers meeting in tandem with the Association's Annual Meeting.

2017 Financial Officers Meeting

  • Erik Smist, Johns Hopkins University Press
  • Davida Breier, Johns Hopkins University Press
Program Committee:
  • Kyle Watanabe, University of Hawai'i Press
  • Cynthia Durham, Duke University Press
  • Rachel Levy, National Academies Press

Financial Officers Meeting Grants

AAUP's Annual Financial Officers Meeting is an essential event for AAUP finance managers. The business of publishing requires a unique skill set, and publishing in a non-profit and university environment poses additional challenges. The Financial Officers Meeting helps attendees navigate emerging issues and create a professional network of friends to call on and collaborate with throughout the year.

The meeting is generally held in March or April and the program and logistics are developed by volunteers at AAUP member presses.

Program highlights include a review of the AAUP Operating Statistics presented by AAUP consultant and university press finance expert Kim Schmelzinger. Additional topics covered in recent meetings have included PCI compliance, relations with your university, inventory management in a POD world, trends in student purchasing, and ebook accounting. Roundtable discussions allowing attendees to discuss issues not covered in the formal program are another popular feature.

To help and encourage individuals from smaller (Group 1 & Group 2) member presses attend this event, AAUP offers travel grants of $750 and covers the registration fee for five eligible individuals.

To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  • Be a CFO or equivalent at a Group 1 (annual net sales up to $1.5 million) or Group 2 (annual net sales $1.5-$3 million) member press.
  • Be employed at a member press for at least one year prior to the start of the Financial Officers Meeting.
  • Not have attended a financial officers meeting in the previous three years.
  • Draft a brief statement on why they would like to attend this meeting.
  • Be willing to volunteer to serve on a future AAUP meeting or task force.
  • Submit a brief experience report.

Applications will be available in the fall. Contact Susan Patton ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) with questions about the application. Questions about the program and local arrangements will be better answered by the planning committee listed above.

AAUP Regional Meetings

AAUP regional meetings traditionally provided an opportunity for more staff than might be able to attend the larger AAUP annual gatherings to network professionally and socially. Regional meetings have traditionally been held in the Midwestern, Western, and Southern regions of the country, and made possible by the hard work of host presses and meeting program committees. The economic climate of recent years has made the organization of these regional gatherings difficult. While we look forward to their resurgence, the Association is working to make professional development opportunities widely available to members across the globe—through web seminars, expanded registration and travel grants for the Annual Meeting, and special small press and commuter Annual Meeting registration rates.