Digital Book Publishing Strategies in the AAUP Community

AAUP conducts a semi-regular survey of members on the subject of digital strategies in their book publishing programs. The survey gathers data on the extent to which various models, formats, channels, and digital workflows are being adopted by AAUP members, and takes the temperature of the membership on what issues are of greatest concern and topics on which professional development or information resources might be of greatest interest.

Spring 2013 Digital Book Publishing Surveyicon.pdf
Release June 18, 2013. 75 member presses reported data on general strategies and revenue projections, distribution channels, digital marketing, and production workflows.

Spring 2012 Digital Book Publishing Surveyicon.pdf
Released in advance of AAUP 2012. 80 member presses reported data on everything from general strategies pursued in digital book publishing, e-book revenue projections, and digital marketing programs.

Spring 2011 Digital Book Publishing Surveyicon.pdf
The Spring 2011 survey report was released in advance of the AAUP 2011 Annual Meeting. 71 member presses contributed information to the 2011 survey.

Winter 2009-10 Digital Book Publishing Surveyicon.pdf
In our first survey of this topic, 59 member presses participated. The 2009 survey served a secondary purpose in formally soliciting updates to AAUP's Directory of Digital Publishing Projects.